6 Best Keyword Research Tool for Marketers

What is the step you following when need find best keyword for you business or project?Obviously you  would to told about best keyword research tool,which you’re focusing make easier and get plenty of search engine traffic.Already you know long tail keyword brings targeted visitors,that’s why to take right approach is using some keyword research tool.In the article Mentioned below those some of keyword research tool which will help you find gem keywords that’s increasing your search ranking.

Google Keyword Planner
You might think Google Keyword Planner tool is old stuff but still,it’s people the first choice when starting their new sites or business.it can likewise be your closest companion as you develop and deliver more Content.This tool is easy to use and free.The initial step is as entering your keyword in tools search box and here you get also to filter some data as country,language,avg. Monthly searches, cpc,competition type.You get awesome keyword ideas by using Google Keyword Planner tools.

Who wouldn’t like to recognize what their competitors rank for?SEMrush keyword tools is a way to find how your competitor get a good position by used which keyword.it will also show you,you’re competing for common keywords.This tool also shown you keyword difficulty scores,estimated traffic data etc.you will be also doing site auditing by using SEMrush keyword tool.By using this tool you get an idea of the keywords what you are ranking for with estimated search volumes.Semrush also has organized by many functions like paid search,backlinks,display advertising.

Keyword Tool.io
Did you decide that You do not use Google Keyword Planner tool,No problem you are not in the wrong decision because of keyword tool.io uses google autocomplete feature to generate keywords. It’s also amazing free tools.just when you have seen their search volume and other functions access,they will be gone then premium.This tool has also helped  to find bing search keyword, amazon search keyword and youtube search keywords,app store search keyword.Here this tool you have also filtering language and country.

The best free tool to find long tail variations of keywords and generating ideas.This tool shows you google suggest keyword,it means when you start typing in keywords.

If ask just say one keyword research tool name which find new long-tail keywords.I just say KWFinder is perfect keyword tool now in this situation.This tool allows to create lists of keywords so it easy to made group my different sites by the list.This tool have also export option which give you csv data.The tool have uses free option but need more research and data take to join his premium option.

Most of the people said ahrefs is backlink tool but ahrefs has a great keyword tool feature.You will get many keyword ideas by using this tool.also get search suggestion keyword list.This tool shown you keyword difficulty,search volume,cpc,clicks and trend.Ahrefs has own metrics for provide keyword difficulty.And also you saw keyword SERP.

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