Why do your website need SSL certificate?

SSL certificate or without SSL which one is preferable? Now a day’s security becomes more concern worldwide. Not only the physical world, online become secure than before. We often transact money or shopping using our credit or debit card from the internet. When you put your credit card information on the web, you eventually sent your account access to the network.

Web giant like Google, Microsoft invest a lot to ensure better security on the internet. One of a way they are using is the secured version of HTTP i.e. HTTPS on their service. As proposed security indicator for the browser, Chrome announced on September 8, 2016, that website using insecure HTTP connection which deals with a credit card and password permanently leveled as the non-secure title on the address bar from January 2017.

non secure ssl certificate


Leveling non-HTTPS sites as non-secure is a long term plan of Google. They are planning to mark all website which doesn’t use authorized SSL certificate are non-secure in step by step in future. A recent study revealed by Google shows that 79 sites from top 100 websites still using HTTP connection.

Why SSL certificate in matter?

You might think why they prefer https over https. Well, using SSL makes sure that, all information you pass through the internet are encrypted and your internet provider, government, others don’t know what you are doing online. It’s obviously one of best security practice, isn’t it?

Indeed, Google’s decision will affect widely on the internet. They already gave priority authorized SSL certified websites on search ranking. Merchant who own e-commerce business deals with customer information should buy SSL certificate to protect their customer’s private information.

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