How to Fix cPanel fatal: Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space.

6 Nov

If you are getting following error message when your system want to upgrade cPanel. It won’t upgrade because your disk usages is full.

The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked.
Please correct these issues and rerun updates.
fatal: Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space. Detected ?GB. You will need at least 3GB to install/update to a new version of cpanel.

cPanel & WHM cannot update due to insufficient disk space in the staging
directory, “/usr/local/cpanel”. The system requires 3 GB to update; this
directory only has ? GB available.
W NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers:
W [FATAL] – Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space. Detected ?G. You will need at least ?G to install a new
version of cPanel

We need to upgrade disk or clear the unnecessary files or logs.

We need to check disk usages first. We can check disk usages using following commands.

# df -h

– it will show the size in Gigabyte.

# du -sh /home/

– it will show the /home/ folder in MB size.

# du -sh /home/*

– it will show each folder size in MB under /home/ directory

This way we can check other directories usages. If you see /home is using all disk space, then find users error_log and clean. Also delete users generated backup.

Fix #1: Clear up unnecessary logs in


Fix #2: Remove unnecessary old or duplicate folders such as

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