How to ensure that the server is down

It is seen in hosting industry that most customers contact for the issue of server down. But most often, that complaint is not valid. It is seen that customer can’t enter on his own site for many reasons. For example, a customer in his cPanel repeatedly tried to log in with false information, so the server blocked the Firewall IP. So he can’t visit the site. Or it is seen that due to the shared IP in Bangladesh, a customer is not being able to visit the site because of other customer, because other customer may have attempted to log in with the same IP. Or for your ISP’s DNS problem, your site may not shown. Anyway, how you ensure that your server is down –


  1. First try to disconnect the internet connection. If you be blocked, due to dynamic IP, your IP will change and you can see the site.
  2. Try to open the site with other ISP connection or proxy server. Or check your site’s status whether it is up or down on
  3. Then check your e-mail, see is there a maintenance notice sent by the company. Or check the hosting provider company’s Facebook, Twitter pages for latest updates.
  4. Even if the site is not open, post a support ticket or send an email or make a call. Don’t tell that your server is down instantly after making the call. Tell the domain name first to the hosting company support and then tell that you’re not being able to visit your site. (In most cases, customer showing anger about telling server down on the phone. But it should keep in mind that a company may have many servers, and it’s not possible then to find status of your server if you don’t tell the domain name first. And obviously, please use elegant language while complaining.
  5. Wait an hour for updates. Then again, ask about ticket update in e-mail reply or via phone using elegant language.


Don’t talk being angry with any company’s staff. If server is down, then don’t make frequent calls or message in chat asking about maintenance update. If you ask or complain frequently, it may take more time to repair and finally it will increase downtime.

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