Reset wordpress password using phpmyadmin

After installing WordPress, it’s essential to know the easy wordpress password reset using phpmyadmin. If your website hacked or you forgot the pass and recovery system doesn’t work, reset using phpmyadmin is the only way you can reset your WordPress site’s password. Let see how we can easily do it.

Reset wordpress password


Go to your cPanel. Ask you provider if you don’t have access.

Click on the file manager. After opening the root folders clicks on public_html. Find wp-config.php file which is located in your root WordPress directory. Here you can get you database name.

Click on phpmyadmin from database section. After a moment you will redirect to your phpmyadmin. Locate your database and click on it. Look for the table wp_users or whatever your table prefix name is. Open the browser and select the Edit icon.

Edit the user_pass value. WordPress store password using an MD5 hash rather than plain text values. So it might look dizzy. Here is one tool by which you can change your text to MD5 hash format. Input you new wordpress password here and copy & paste the MD5 format on the user_pass field. Save it.

You’re done now. Now you can enter your website with the new password you just changed. Check the video if you have faced any problem.