Site Status Monitor Tools: Get website up time, Downtime report

Site status monitor becomes one of the primary issues either you are a developer or owner. You already experienced that website can be down or not properly working anytime. You can’t consistently sit in front of your computer to keep checking your site! If this could happen on your vacation time or whenever you are outside – Horrible isn’t it!!

Web Alert tools made this easy for you. You can get notification for site uptime, downtime status via SMS, email or messenger no matter where you are; on vacation or outside. Check these page monitoring service which can help you to track site performance.

Site Status Monitor Tools


Downnotifier can help you to notify you, if your website becomes offline or when your site doesn’t contain a particular text. You can also get alerts on mobile. It comes with two options, free and premium monitoring service.

Key features:

  • SSL / HTTPS supported page monitor service.
  • Free SMS credits.
  • Up time/Downtime Alert.


    • Send a free alert when your website is gone offline.
    • Monitor website every 10 minutes.

    • Extended report available.
    • Multiple receiver option.
    • Unlimited history.
    • monitor every minute.


Pingdom is a technically rich site status monitor service. Large company like Apple, Google, hp use Pingdom for watching their website and service. You can check website uptime, transaction process, user experiences using their service.

Key features:

  • Full featured API to integrate with any other application.
  • Responsive billing system, excellent customer support.
  • Monitor traffic with real user monitoring performances.
  • Transaction monitoring like sign up, search or downloadable file broken or slow links.


Pingdom doesn’t offer any free service, but you can test their service for 14 days risk-free trial. Check their Pricing here.


I especially like Host-tracker for their pricing. It listed the best site status monitor among other services. They offer 30 days unconditional money back with the upgrade, downgrade or cancel at the Anytime opportunity. You can also test your website free on their website.

Key features

  • Full featured API and 24*7 monitoring.
  • Get alerted on SMS, Email, Hangouts, Skype, voice call or iphone.
  • Multi-protocol monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS/Ping/Port/DNS/More).
  • Customized Up time buttons and Graphs.
  • Distribute monitoring.
  • Reports & analytics.
  • Database monitoring.


Host-tracker site status monitor

Uptime robot

Using up time robot’s free plan, you can monitor 50 websites and two-month logs. Earlier it was free, last year they introduced a new pro package which includes different amount control messaging alert and advance notification.

Key features

  • Multiple protocol monitoring (HTTPS, Ping, keyword).
  • Get alerted via Skype, SMS, Twitter, push, slack, Hipchat, etc.
  • Verify downtime from multiple locations.
  • Well featured API.




Hyperspin offers page monitor service and re-sellers for anyone who has a website or server need monitoring. They offer a flexible price for everyone.

Key Features

  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Multi-protocol support.
  • Status report.
  • Maintenance scheduling.
  • Uptime/Downtime notification.
  • Get downtime alerts by email, SMS and push notification.


Their pricing depends on the number of URLs, number of monitoring frequency. One url+one minute monitoring frequency charged 12$/mo. Reduce price is applicable for re-seller. Check their price here.


Monitis a cloud-based web monitor tools which have most excellent customization features. You can go with their free plan or built your plan as yours specific needs. Monitis can check loading time, networks & server performance beside site up time/downtime.

Key Features

  • Real time views,reports.
  • Free tools and API.
  • Website, server, network, cloud monitoring.
  • Multiple user/recipient
  • 24/7 monitoring

You can build your custom plan here as your needs.

If you have one or two websites, you can use It has minimal price, only pay for what you use. It simple, cheap and enormous looking UI. Only web monitoring tools who accept bitcoin.

Key Features

  • Extra Tools
  • Easy API Integration
  • SSL testing, slack integration
  • Accept bitcoin.
  • Downtimes checked from multiple locations.


You can start with 100000 free credit. You only pay what you requet by request. For example for checking 5 website every one minute is charged 2.93€/Mo.


Newrelic is cloud based web and apps monitoring services. It has the rich featured dashboard, where you can check everything aboutyour app or website. Newrelic has multiple products with different pricing. It’s one of old and the costly web monitoring service.

Key Features

  • Deep diagnosis
  • SaaS web and mobile application monitoring
  • Large user community
  • Mostly used by large traffic website or apps.


Check their website for Detail pricing.


Hetrixtools is a great tool for checking blacklist and up time monitoring for the website. People used it for blacklist monitoring. It has extremely fast and straightforward user interface.

Key Features

  • Simple UI & useful features.
  • Easy and Extreme IP Management tools.
  • Public/ Private report.
  • Uptime/ downtime status.
  • API Integration.
  • 24/7 customer support.


They have different pricing for Black List Monitor and Uptime Monitor.