Website Builder vs. WordPress: Choosing the Right One

So, you want to go all-out with your new business but don’t have a website? On top of that, you are not sure where to start. Congrats! You are not alone!

In today’s world, a website leads the way in attracting potential customers and generating sales for the success of a business. But, to do so, businesses must understand the right type of website design and developer tools, best suited for their success.

Popularly, website builders and WordPress are considered to build websites. These useful tools don’t require you to learn coding to create efficient, user-friendly websites. But, both are different in various ways.

Learn the differences below and choose the one most essential and optimum for your needs.

So, let’s dive in!

Defining the Two

A website builder is a tool or app to design and develop websites without coding. Its drag-and-drop function usually makes it easy to build a website without much expertise. Popular website builders include Squarespace and Wix.

On the other hand, WordPress, which started its journey in the web world as a blogging tool, now represents a complete website-building tool. As the most popular website development “tool” in the world, it now has a separate platform,, which we highlight in this article.

Differentiating the Two

We select the parameters that most influence and impact your business operations and usability concerning website development. Let us look at the parameters below.

Plugins and Features

A common feature of Website builders is the varying types of plans or packs they offer. Some packages include basic web development functions, while higher-end packs for niche customers may also include advanced analytics. However, site builders like the popular platform Wix offer paid add-ons that give you additional advanced features if needed.

On the other hand, WordPress offers thousands of free and paid plugins that expand your site’s features. For instance, you can get plugins for all site needs, including web analytics and social media integration. This adds flexibility to your site build. However, this also takes longer to browse, choose, and install the plugins on your WordPress website.


WordPress is a bit tricky for beginners or novice developers with its technicality and language, initially. However, in the long run, it becomes easier to use, especially if you get a grasp of the technical aspects of WordPress language.

This does mean, though, you have to go through a steeper learning curve with WordPress. And if you have limited time, we recommend using a website builder. That will make your work extremely easy to understand and implement with its drag-and-drop interface.

Development and Maintenance

With website builders, you do not have to maintain the website. Your website provider will do it for you. They will carry out the bug fixes and maintain your site. However, you will need to renew the subscription yourself. But for everything else, this method is the first choice of beginners and people who are hesitant with digital stuff.

WordPress, though, requires you to continually maintain the site, which needs some basic technical knowledge. Some WordPress maintenance tasks carried out regularly are as follows:

  1. Saving the contents of your website in case of mishaps.
  2. Updating your WordPress site regularly, especially with the core software, plugins, and themes.
  3. Safety is always an issue, no matter what. Scan your computer for malicious software frequently.

Safety and Security

Website builders usually host your site. And thus, look after your site’s security. They have developer teams taking care of vulnerabilities and bugs if these are detected. In addition, they use tested, proprietary software with secure codes.

To strengthen your site’s security and get SSL certificates, you can opt for ExonHost, a web hosting service specialized to meet and go beyond your needs. So, if your website builder does not include SSL certificates in their plans, get one yourself with ExonHost.

When it comes to WordPress, you the website owner, have to maintain your site. The development team of WordPress continually updates core software to deal with coding issues and vulnerabilities. But, for best outcomes, we recommend you depend on web hosting services like  ExonHost to play the role of security provider, especially with outdated WordPress software, themes, and plugins.

After Purchase Support

Website builders hire dedicated personnel to carry out customer support services and query management via email, live chat, and phone. In addition, you can also enjoy viewable and downloadable tutorials and other resourceful documents for guiding you in operating the builder.

But WordPress, on the other end, doesn’t dedicate a team to support customers or ensure after-sales service. It emphasizes purely documentation and downloadable tutorials/resources to teach users about itself and its potential fixes.

However, as WordPress has a wide reach throughout the globe, you can join numerous communities or groups on the web to discuss and learn about WordPress fixes.

We also suggest you try out ExonHost and experience the fast, multi-channel assistance regarding fixing and maintaining WordPress websites or websites built with Wix, Squarespace, and other site builders.

So, which one gives value to your money?

To answer this question, we suggest you look at five factors: 1) level of control 2) difficulty of learning 3) customizability 4) time sensitivity, and 5) ease of use.

If you are a beginner and only want to kickstart your business’s presence, go for website builders like Wix or Squarespace. They will give you less customizability and less control than WordPress, but you will save time, learn quickly, and operate it relatively easily.

Also, note that you will comparatively invest less in a year with website builders.

On the other hand, developing websites with WordPress is costlier than website builders with the addition of plugins, themes, hosting, domain name, etc. But, WordPress gives you full control and customizability of your website. In addition, enjoying web hosting services from ExonHost can boost your website speeds and smooth parking, which you would need for WordPress websites.

Also, learning WordPress functionalities may be harder, but would help you in the long term, especially for advanced-level users. With time, you will feel the ease and variety of WordPress.

To Sum Up

Websites are key to any business nowadays. But running and maintaining it properly also matters in reaching out to the right target markets. As a website owner, you should select the website developer that gives you the best return on your investment. Whether you go for WordPress or Wix, base your decision on factors like time, cost, and ease of use. To kickstart your business with limited web knowledge, use website builders. But for long-term full control, WordPress is worth the catch. So choose and enjoy wisely.

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