WHM Tutorial: DNS Zone File

WHM Tutorial (Part – 10): DNS Zone File


Knowing some basic concepts is required to work in DNS function.

Zone File: It’s a text file that contains IP addresses mapping data instead of domain name. This file confirms whether a domain server is authorized or not. Moreover, it contains the data of sub-domain, name server and e-mail. A zone file is being created while creating a cPanel account. Some details of a zone file is furnished below –


$ORIGIN example.com.     ; [At the beginning of the zone file that is written]

$TTL 1h

example.com. IN SOA ns.example.com. username.example.com. (

             2007120710 ; [Zone file’s serial number]

             1d         ; [Slave refresh 1 day]

             2h         ; [Retry time 2 hours if problem occurred]

             4w         ; [Expire in 4 weeks]

             1h         ; [Maximum caching time]


example.com. NS   ns                   ; ns.example.com [Name Server]

example.com. NS   ns.somewhere.example. ; ns.somewhere.example [Backup name server]

example.com. MX   10 mail.example.com. ; [mail.example.com is example.com ‘s mail server]

@             MX   20 mail2.example.com.

@             MX   50 mail3

example.com. A             ; IPv4 [IP]

             AAAA 2001:db8:10::1       ; IPv6 [IP]

ns           A             ; IPv4 [IP] ns.example.com

             AAAA 2001:db8:10::2       ; IPv6 [IP] ns.example.com

www           CNAME example.com.         ; www.example.com example.com [Alias]

wwwtest       CNAME www

mail         A             ; IPv4 [IP] mail.example.com,


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