Restart service using SSH on cPanel Server

Use service $servicename restart

Replace the $servicename with the one you need. List below.

eg: service httpd restart

exim (Exim mail transfer agent (MTA).)

named (BIND nameserver daemon.)

proftpd (ProFTP FTP server daemon.)

pureftpd (Pure-FTP FTP server daemon.)

httpd (Apache web server daemon.)

courier (Courier mail server daemon.)

dovecot (Dovecot mail server daemon.)

syslogd (System logs daemon.)

clamd (Clam Antivirus software daemon.)

sshd (Secure shell (SSH) daemon)

cppop (cPanel’s version of POP3 mail downloading service. Similar to IMAP.)

imapd (IMAP mail downloading service. Similar to POP3.)

mysql (MySQL database server.)

postgresql (PostgreSQL database server.)

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