How To Make Your Own Online Radio Station

radio stationWant to make your own radio station in online, where your favorite music will play or run your favorite program?
If you have a little related technical knowledge, you can make your own radio station.
You can broadcast music, sound, audio messages through the radio which can be saved previously or can be live broadcast. Some necessary program or application must be installed in the computer from which the online radio will be broadcast. The audio files that will be broadcast online, required to be adapted to the stream. And then it is required to spread in internet via a web server.
Audio files can be streamed by using some certain plug-ins. There are some software like Winamp, Mixxx, etc. which are very popular to use for that kind of work.
Some things need to keep in mind while configuring the server required to broadcast the radio. First, set the server upstream speed depending upon how many people can listen that radio at a time. The higher the upstream speed, the audio broadcasting quality will be higher too. As the unit for both the internet speed and sound quality are same, then the minimum required bandwidth can be calculated from the equation below:
Maximum listener X Audio bit rate = Minimum bandwidth.
If the audience is more, it’s required to increase the memory, RAM along with the bandwidth. After configuring the server, a streaming server program is required to broadcast. In such programs, Icecast is popular.
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