Top 15 Best Free SEO Tools To Increase Search Traffic

On off the chance that you need to get genuine outcomes from SEO then obviously need some SEO tools in hand yourself.But at the beginning time of your project,you have no budget most of the cases,so i am trying to write about some best free SEO tools which is entirely free.

Google Analytics:
What type of data you need to your website,Google Analytics gives you everything.You can track everything using this tool.It shows you real time results about traffic.You will get traffic search term and which keyword brings traffic ,how much traffic comes and from where,which pages popular in your website,and also be how you increased your website speed?.

Google Search Console:
Google Search Console also be known name google webmaster tool.This is the tool everyone use SEO for their project part.You will find sites problem for improve your Search Marketing and also find Crawl Errors tool to find broken URL’s,Make HTML improvements and more crawl-friendly markup.It also shows you how to perform your site in google and backlink profile.

Google Keyword Planner:
Google Keyword Planner tool still popular keyword tool and it gives proper data in free seo find keyword search volume and discover keywords which are rank for you.Also,can find suggested keyword and their metrics.

Ahrefs (14-Day Free Trial):
If you ask me that which tool is like you most,when comes word link building then i would tell 1 tools name called Ahrefs.It’s more powerful tool from another in a market now.It has huge backlink database and every day updated their data.This is a freemium tool but it has 14 days trial to full entry their system.Now Ahrefs have many important features added like a content explorer, keyword tool and it have a nice feature also which names link intersect that helps you to find competitor backlink easily.

Open Link Profiler:
Open Link Profiler is also my favorite tool.They showed you clear backlink data.This tool has many filter options.This tool giving you data completely free of coast.Use the tools to find competitor  backlink profile and steal your own backlink .It is a web based tool so no need to download,just go into the browser and paste your url.

Raven (30 Day Trial):
Raven tools provide a full features SEO tool under one platform.This tool provides highly detailed audit results.Many features have this tool such like  PPC tools, social tools,content Tools.It has 30-day free trial so really you don’t miss the tool.

Screaming Frog:
Screaming Frog specially crawl tools and it save your time to comes site URL audit.You just enter your url and this tool strat crawl your every pages.It is one of my favorite tool.

Aweber (Free Trial):
With the greater part of this magnificent substance and hunt movement will require a strong email customer.Aweber gives you 30 days trial by 1$ price.You’ll get access to everything for your free trial.

WP Smush:
For use large sizes and many images site speed slows down but don’t worry,your problem solved make WP Smush.This wp plugin resizes, optimize and compress all of your images.Want to make a site load faster and your platform wordpress then absolutely use WP Smush plugin for smasher.

Yoast SEO:
Yoast SEO is WordPress SEO optimized.It gives you an appropriate result based on ranking factor for improving content.if you are familiar with wordpress the gives this plugin to check, how to do seo your content.This plugin has free but it has a premium version with some extra features.

SEMRush (Free Version):
SEMRush has many features especially analysis power’s great.It gives you keywords ranking position,traffic volume,trends graph,backlink profile and shown  competitors huge data.It’s free version you have check limit data.

For test, your page speed uses GTmetrix tool to want deeper level data.It is another browser tool and free for use.This tool gives you site speed score and it has many features also.

SEO Quake by SEMRush:
SEO Quake is browser extension to find check vital stats in your competitors.It is nice tool have most seen and try to keep it my list always.

SEO Tools for Excel:
Make any kind of reporting,SEO Tools for Excel save your time.Example that if you use google analytic for track data,you will exported it in excel using the tool.This is must have tool i think.It have also premium version.Sad news is, you’re going to need to have a Windows Computer and access to Microsoft Office.Still it doesn’t integrate Google Docs equivalents.

DeepCrawl (14 Day Trial):
DeepCrawl is most magnificent crawler on the market now.When you have need depth audits this tool is a perfect solution.It also gives you beautiful PDF report and handles huge big sites all the more effectively.It has also 14 day free trial and enjoys the tool.

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