WHM Tutorial: Modify an Account

WHM Tutorial (Part – 5): Modify an Account


Sometimes it is required to change the Domain Name, Username, E-mail ID, Different Quotas, etc of a particular cPanel. Here is how to change it –


Home > Account Functions


From ‘Account Functions’ tab, select the “Modify an Account’ option. Then select the domain name from the appeared list.

Home > Account Functions > Modify an Account



See the Basic information chart. Data can be changed here are –


  • Primary Domain: What domain name is used while creating the account can be changed here. As an example, I can change net as my new domain instead of amusingocean.com
    Now clicking the Save button will change the domain name and all the sub-domain created under this domain will also change.5
  • Username: Sometimes it is required to change the username and it can be changed from here.
  • Contact E-mail: If it is required to change the client’s e-mail id, it can be changed from here.
  • Default Locale: You can change the language of the particular cPanel from here.
  • cPanel theme: Theme can be changed here.

In Resource Limits option –

  • Package: What is the current package will appear here. It can be upgraded by clicking on ‘Change’ where options of changing package will appear.
  • E-mail Accounts: If you want you can change the amount of e-mail accounts of a particular cPanel.In the same way, FTP Accounts, Mailing Lists, SQL Databases, Sub-domains, Parked Domains, Addon Domains, Mongrel Instances (Ruby on Rails), Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed, Maximum Percentage of Failed or Deferred messages a Domain May Send Per hour can be changed.6Then clicking on ‘Save’ button, a message will appear that ask you to confirm about the changes for the upgraded package of the particular cPanel. Then we have to click on ‘Proceed’ button.
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